Humans Rising
Endless War of the Gods: Book 2
Traveling alone in the desert, Malla befriends an uldor snake. With her ability to control sun energy growing, she decides to to build a house out of fire rocks far away from any other humans. While gathering supplies at a town, the uldor snake is attacked and she unleashes sun energy on humans. She's captured and brought to Sun City to face the judgment of the sun jiva. She escapes only to come face to face with Brodon, the father of her illigetimate child. He denies his paternity and threatens to take Malla before Brote himself to be judged.

Meanwhile, Vyas and Selva enlist the help of a Naron human to guide them through Naros. An unexpected side journey brings them to a collapsed mine. In an attempt to rescue trapped miners, Selva inadvertantly creates monstrous worms that kill them all except two children. Vyas must continue to head towards Night City while taking care of the two children, a devastated Selva and the Naron human who is planning to betray him by handing him over to Naro.
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