The First Ending
Endless War of the Gods: Book 3
With Naro and Brote’s armies destroyed, both gods have one last chance to shift the balance of power in their war. Brote finally allows his female sun jiva to control sun energy and sends them to destroy Night City. Naro takes control of the minds of the peaceful jiva and sends them against Sun City. Will either side prevail before Crevahn returns and attempt to reunite Brote and Naro into one good god?

After rescuing Sezi and Donzi from Gevin, Vyas and Selva head to Night City where they must place a strand of Crevahn’s hair around Naro’s sleeping dais at the precise moment Crevahn returns. Standing in their way is Naria, Naro’s most powerful moon jiva, and Da’Shen, the mighty shadow dragon.

Brote condemns Malla to an eternity of torture for betraying him. How will she escape in time to place a strand of Crevahn’s hair around Brote’s sleeping dais when Crevahn returns?
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The First Ending
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