Betraying the God of Light
Endless War of the Gods: Book 1
Illustrator: Yuko Obata
Illustrator: Yuko Obata
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Endless War of the Gods:
Book 1
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Out of nothingness, a brilliant blue energy erupts across infinite time and space. As two gods emerge from the energy, the male god is split into two opposing forces – Brote, God of Light, and Naro, God of Dark. Unable to coexist they create hundreds of jiva and tens of thousands of humans to help them annihilate one another.

After 200 years of ceaseless war, the God of Nature, Crevahn, has a vision that the war will destroy her entire earth and all life unless she intervenes. She sends her two most powerful jiva, Vyas and Selva, into the heart of Naro’s frozen land. The peaceful jiva are attacked by three moon jiva and an entire garrison of humans. For the first time, the jiva must unleash the awesome power of nature energy.

Malla, an older human woman, lives in a small mining town with her alcoholic and abusive husband. Even though he forces Malla to produce illegal relikai in their basement, she has always faithfully worshipped Brote and would never dream of disobeying his law that women must serve their husbands. After being gravely injured in battle, the most powerful sun jiva appears in Malla’s basement. She secretly nurses him back to health, and carries a secret that will end in her execution or in her helping Crevahn save the world.